Purple Potatoes

GF, DF (substitute butter for oil), veg, vegan (substitute butter for oil), whole30 (substitute butter for ghee or oil)

How many different kinds of sweet potatoes do you think can be pulled out of the ground? If you picture your grocery store, there might be one or two varieties of sweet potatoes. If you're lucky and have access to a specialty grocer or a farmer's market - maybe five or six. But, there are hundreds of types of sweet potatoes.

Why does this matter? Two things: biodiversity and plate diversity. Biodiversity refers to the broad spectrum of life on Earth. When biodiversity is used with crops, it broadens the gene pool and makes it so crops aren't wiped out from a single disease (see: Ireland's Potato Famine). Biodiversity promotes a robust and hearty ecosystem where every plant species plays a part.

Plate diversity is simple. We generally get bored eating the same things over and over. Biodiversity in plants leads to diversity in the food on our plates. This also gives us a broader spectrum of nutrition. So, on to the recipe, which really isn't much of a recipe.

Mashed Roasted Purple Potatoes

Get some purple sweet potatoes. These tend to be a bit drier and more dense than regular sweet potatoes, so roast them for awhile. Try 400F for 45-60 minutes, but the key is to put a fork in without much resistance. That's the sign you're done.

When you pull them from the oven and cut open, they should look like this.


To finish, mash them up in a large pot, skins included. Add butter, salt and coconut milk to your liking. I like to puree with an immersion blender. Enjoy!