Holiday Diffuser Blends

Why essential oil?

Do you LOVE the "holiday scents" but not the chemicals used to make them? Or maybe smelly candles give you a headache or other problems. Not uncommon! What if you could have your home smell amazing for the holidays and have it be safe for your family?

a better way

An ultrasonic diffuser can disperse essential oils into tiny micro-particles so that you can have your holiday smells in a safe and natural way. Beyond smelling good, you can use the same oils to boost immunity or manage stress levels and keep everyone happy!

our favorites

We have SO many...but here are a few suggestions for the holiday season: 


Thieves is one of Young Living's most popular blends. We love it all year long, but it's especially timely for fall and winter. The cinnamon and clove in it just feels like Christmas! This one is great for boosting immunity and keeping everyone well throughout the season. 

Pumpkin Spice Blend

Recipe here for how I make my Pumpkin Spice Oil Blend.

christmas spirit + northern lights black spruce

My current obsession!! Seriously so good. Austin put this in the diffuser the other day when I was working and it was lovely to come home to. Try 2 drops of each in your diffuser, add more if you need. Christmas Spirit is a delightful blend of cinnamon, orange, and spruce. It doesn't just smell good, it's your secret weapon for keeping everyone happier during the holidays. A little extra spruce makes it even more amazing! This is a combo that husbands and dads will love too. 

Northern Lights black spruce

Northern Lights Black Spruce is pretty sweet alone too. It's also great for putting on your not quite real Christmas tree. 

Evergreen Essence

This is a blend of several different spruce, pines and firs. It's a magical forest in a bottle! 


Want more?!

the wellness academy

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