I can't believe it's already been 2 months! More than 2 months, with this sweet new baby girl. It's been the most special thing for our family because Zula has been SO excited to be a big sister, for so long. It's been amazing and incredible and super challenging all at the same time. 

Poppy is sweet. She's mellow and slow and calm. We love her!

Zula says the sweetest things about her baby sis. "Pops is the best", and "I just love this little honey". As part of her obsession with Poppy, she also wants to marry her when they grow up. We haven't been able to break that one down for her yet:) I can only hope they stay so close. We will do our best to make that happen!

In the midst of all the love, we definitely struggle with boundary issues. Zula can get so excited about Poppy and loves her just so much - that we worry about her safety sometimes. It's definitely a hard balance. I'm thrilled that she enjoys our family having a baby so much, but it's stressful to be so worried all the time. 

We're starting to find our new normal at home. The first little while can just seem like a constant management of needs! And often, too many needs and not enough resources. It's by choice that we live in California, and there is so much to enjoy, but it also means we have no family support and that feels hard sometimes. Managing what Zula needs and what is best for Poppy feels challenging sometimes too - the pull of so many different directions. Talk about an opportunity for personal growth as a parent - wow. 

This time has also made me so aware of how valuable time is. It's helped me to say "no" more, so I can say yes to the things I really care about. Living mindfully and intentionally has really been a way to slow down and enjoy this season. 

I love the new baby stage. I know not everyone has that experience. We're enjoying baby snuggles all day with this little squish, can't get enough! Our number one lifesaver here has been babywearing. I loved wearing Zula too, but now it's simply a necessity for protection and for just functioning in life! Of course, I've used this as the perfect excuse to buy every wrap and carrier I can get my hands on ;)