Fermented Chiles

Spoiled in San Diego, our little garden is producing a ton of great veggies! After spending 8 years in Arizona and having mediocre success despite a lot of effort growing some of our own stuff, I'm still just amazed every season here. Not only do we have the ability to grow something year round, but it's just so EASY. Which resulted in having an abundance of serranos and Fresno chiles. Yum!! I'm using them everyday in guacamole, black beans, tacos, everything! But I still had way too many and didn't want to waste them. I stumbled upon this recipe from Mommypotamus and replaced the jalapeños with Fresnos in the first batch, and a combo of serranos and Fresnos in the next. We didn't waste a single chile and Austin is loving putting these on nearly everything. 


  • Enough chopped chiles to fill a 16oz glass jar about 3/4 full. For me this was about 10-12 Fresnos, or more chiles if you use a combo of serranos and Fresnos. 
  • 2.5 tsp of sea salt
  • 1 peeled clove of garlic 
  • Filtered water (I used water from our Berkey)


First, ensure all of your ingredients and supplies are clean. While they don't need to be sterile, take care to avoid contamination so you don't grow mold or other unwanted organisms. Be sure to use clean filtered water. I used the Young Living Thieves fruit and veggie soak on the chiles first.

  • Combine all ingredients in glass jar
  • Add filtered water to 1 inch from top
  • Close tightly and shake to combine and dissolve salt 
  • Leave on countertop covered from direct sun for 5-7 days
  • Refrigerate and enjoy!

We are lucky that our 4 year old will tolerate some spice, but these are perfect for amping up the heat in your dishes for the adults without having to cook another meal!