Amazing Homemade Hand Cream!

Want a great moisturizer but want to avoid the toxic chemicals in most store bought products? Here is an easy recipe you can make at home. Keep it plain and simple or add essential oils if you like. I like to make up a plain batch and then use in small amounts as needed with oils.

Check out EWG's Skin Deep site and see how your favorite store bought products stack up. Warning though, it's probably not going to be pretty.


Use equal amounts of: (at least 1/4 cup of each works best for mixing)

Optional - essential oils *see below for amounts. Why we use Young Living.


Combine ingredients together and gently heat until everything melts and the mixture is completely liquid.  You can do this with a double boiler, or I put everything in my stand mixer bowl and then place in a warm oven that is turned off (heat oven to 100 or so, turn off, then place bowl inside for few minutes).  Place ingredients in a mixing bowl if not already, and chill until mixture is set but not necessarily hard.  Then whip in stand mixer for 5-10 minutes.  Add optional essential oils if you like.  I use small glass jars to make different blends and then keep the remainder in a larger glass container.

Adding Essential Oils:

1% = 5-6 drops per oz 

2% = 10-12 drops per oz

3% = 15-18 drops per oz

Use 1% for babies and children, 2% for general use, and 3% for medicinal/therapeutic use for a particular reason. 


  • Lavender is always nice, as is any citrus combination. I mix equal amounts of lavender, cedarwood and Peace & Calming for a sleep cream.   
  • I recommend glass containers and avoiding plastic, particularly if any citrus oils are used. They can pull toxic chemicals from the plastic into your product.  
  • The cream will lose the whipped texture at temperatures over 75-76.  It still works just the same, but you may not have the nice texture you started with.  You can always rewhip if you wish or you can store in the fridge if it's warm inside. 
  • This is a homemade product and does not have any preservatives, though the base ingredients are relatively stable. Use in a reasonable amount of time, and avoid contaminating by using a clean utensil for each use.