Finding your Village

How ironic it is that "social media" can have such the opposite effect for many. Modern society is set up in such a way that social isolation is becoming increasing prevalent. While not good for anyone, this can particularly be a concern for families and especially new moms.

I'm not against social media by any means. I think there are some great tools out there for being more connected to people, particularly friends or family that live far away. I think it's a cool way to keep in touch with people you went to school with, former colleagues, and extended family. Unfortunately though for some people social media becomes their ONLY social contact. Social isolation is the absence or near absence of interaction with other people on a regular basis. In a historical sense, people used to live in groups, work in groups and spend free time together. Our modern society has shifted in such a way that extended families living together is uncommon.  Many people work in an isolated environment such as on a computer in a cubicle, and leisure time is often spent alone, often also in some combination with computers or other electronic devices. This type of isolation affects people on all levels, physically, mentally and spiritually. Social isolation can contribute to increased sick days, increased likelihood of all the Western diseases, increased depression and anxiety, and a poorer prognosis for chronic conditions. Dr. Andrew Weil talks extensively about social isolation in his book Spontaneous Happiness. While everyone in modern society is vulnerable to this phenomenon, I think moms and particularly new moms are especially susceptible. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful "crunchy mama" group where we live, and we've met so many wonderful families. Whatever your style - there are groups for you. Meetup is a great site for finding playgroups as well as all sort of other groups not related to children - for exercise, special interests, pretty much anything. Find your people! And for mamas in particular - MomCo is a cool new app that allows you to find local mamas to hang with. It's location based, and can help connect you with moms/kids in your area with similar interests. Events and special deals by local businesses that cater to moms and children? Yes please!! We are big fans of this. Check it out - it's free:)