Maximize your Summer

Yay! Summer is the best right?! Tips to make this one amazing. Lighten Up!

Let your kids stay up late, sleep in, nap when it works. Summer is about having fun and going with the flow. Lighten up on yourself too and allow yourself to enjoy the extra daylight, live music, warm summer nights, and fresh picked summer fruit.

Sun Protection

All that extra outside time and sunshine means you need to be smart about the sun. Use a physical sunblock rather than a chemical sunscreen. Zinc and titanium (non-nano preferred) are the safest options. Our favorites are from Badger or The Honest Company makes a great one as well. Particularly for children I recommend avoiding chemical sunscreens (avobenzone, oxybenzone and others). EWG's Guide to Sunscreen is very helpful if this is new to you. While spray sunscreens may seem really convenient, they have several health hazards and I would stay away from them. For children, sun protective clothing is a great option. I have a sun hoody from Patagonia for my daughter that we love, and my husband and I each have one as well.

Sufficient vitamin D may provide some protection from sunburn. I would not suggest exclusively relying on this, but it's great insurance. For most people a supplement of 1000 IU/day is a good option.

If you do find yourself or your child with a sunburn, coconut oil and lavender applied topically is really helpful. We use Young Living. Aloe is also great. Unfortunately many commercially available products have a variety of other chemicals and preservatives in them that I am less than thrilled about. It's a great plant to grow and keep around though:)


Stay hydrated with extra fluids. Lots of water or some coconut water if you are doing a lot of activity. Fresh fruit is also a great way to stay hydrated and get some extra nutrients at the same time. Watermelon, pineapple, grapes, peaches and citrus all have a high water content.


Summer is the perfect time to get out and be more involved. A well connected social network is a vital part of wellness. Hook up with friends for summer events or have dinner outside with your neighbors. Got kids? Find some great summer activities to do together or arrange some outdoor play dates with friends. Need a community? Check out Meetup or if you're a mom looking for things to do check out MomCo. MomCo is a free app that allows you to find other moms/kids near you, with ages of children. They also list local events and playdates, or you can arrange your own through the app as well.