Young Living Starter Kits

Details on the Young Living Premium Starter Kit! The oils have changed a little bit, and the kits have new diffuser options. They still have 11 oils and come with a diffuser. You can choose from the home diffuser, dew drop diffuser, rainstone diffuser, or aria diffuser. The rainstone is the newest addition to the starter kits and a really cool option. It runs up to 8 hours! Um - yes please to waking up fresh and renewed with lavender running all night:)



Love this oil! So versatile. If I had to choose only one this would be it.

  • Use it with frankincense as a facial serum
  • Add to mascara and conditioner to promote healthy hair growth
  • Helps to relax you at night and help quiet your mind, promotes sleep
  • Great for minor injuries, bumps and scrapes
  • Make bath salts to help with the normal detoxification system of your body
  • Nice for calming and relaxing children


  • Cleaning, great oil to keep around the house, stain remover, sticky residue remover
  • Helps lymphatic system, nice to have around if you are sick
  • Excellent source of d-limonene, believed to support a healthy immune system
  • Supports a healthy immune, lymphatic, circulatory and digestive system
  • Great flavoring oil. Use only in glass as citrus oils can break down plastics.
  • Caution about photosensitivity, avoid sun exposure after using


Young Living's peppermint is so fresh and pure smelling, really delicious.

  • Supports healthy digestion
  • Breath spray-pinch of salt, water and one drop oil
  • Cooling spray—great for hot days
  • Topically after workouts for sore muscles
  • Diluted topically for occasional headaches, temples, base of scalp
  • Clears your mind, helps increase focus. Combines well with lemon for a natural energy boost.
  • Repels ants and other bugs, gardeners love peppermint
  • Great in brownies or other desserts


  • Facial serum—lavender and frankincense mixed with carrier oil of your choice (argan is nice!)
  • Supports the normal aging process/supports normal aging skin
  • Centering, calming oil
  • Helps with occasional anxiety
  • Diffuse or use topically for yoga, meditation or your spiritual practice
  • Diffuse at night with lavender for a restful night's sleep


One of my favorites! I think this smells like Christmas, but I love it all year round.

  • Supports the immune system and respiratory system
  • Throat spray or breath spray
  • Contains powerful essential oils to defend and protect the bodily systems
  • Dilute--gargle (salt, thieves, water) to support oral health
  • Purifies the air
  • Promotes wellness and good health thru out the year
  • Helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Rich, earthy, warm and spicy aroma which can be very comforting


  • Chest rub--frank, RC and copaiba
  • Young Living uses the resin whereas other companies use the bark of the tree, which has less therapeutic properties
  • Key ingredient in Deep relief and Breathe again because it helps magnify the intensity of other oils
  • Supports respiratory system
  • Nice to mix with Panaway and Lavender for an after workout rub, and occasional headaches
  • Very soothing for occasional aches and after workouts for sore muscles or joints


  • Helps to support the respiratory and digestive processes
  • Soothes stomach discomforts
  • Take a drop before or after a meal to help with promote healthy digestion, or dilute and use topically


  • Chest rub—dilute with carrier oil and apply on chest or diffuse to help open up airways
  • Invigorating and comforting when applied to the chest and throat
  • Preworkout enhancer—apply topically or inhale
  • Shower bomb or a drop in the shower


  • Soothes sore muscles after workout
  • Normal aches and pains
  • Chest rub


  • Supports healthy, clear skin. Useful for blemishes.
  • Can help keep the outdoors “annoyance free” from insects, contains citronella which is known to be an insect deterrent
  • Promotes wellness and good health thru out the year
  • Neutralizes the air—great spray for the bathroom or stinky areas of the house
  • Homemade deodorant
  • Use it in your pet's collar and add to YL pet's shampoo
  • Scalp treatment

Stress Away

  • Apply topically to wrists, temples, and back of neck to also receive its stress releasing properties
  • Add a couple drops to a glass of water at work to reduce tension
  • Helpful for occasional anxiety or for flying
  • Add a couple drops to your favorite natural body care products for a delicious, relaxing scent boost that promotes relaxation
  • Apply topically to assist with muscle tension from every day stressors
  • Useful for children when experiencing separation anxiety or a tantrum


If you already have a Young Living account, you can log in and order another kit. If you're out of several oils or need a new diffuser, an additional kit is a great option. If you don't have an account yet, you can become a new member here, then choose "wholesale/member" and select your Premium Starter Kit.

NEW members will get a package from me with a reference book and other goodies to help you use your kit.

As always I'm here if you need help with your oils! Enjoy:)