Danica Ramos


I am a happy mommy of a little boy and expecting my baby girl in July. My family and I live in Los Angeles, and both my husband and I work in the Healthcare IT field. 

Due to my Public Health background I have always been an advocate for healthy lifestyle and clean living. I started using Young Living in 2016 and when I received my first Premium Starter Kit, I was overwhelmed! There were so many ways to use it and I wanted to keep learning more! I am thankful to be part of a team that supports you and helps guide you on all the oils. 

My all time favorite oils are peppermint and lavender! Both are so versatile to use and I cannot live without them! My family and I love Young Living not only because of the Seed to Seal guarantee, but also because of the impact that it has made for our daily lives. 

Danica Ramos

The Memoirs of a Mommy

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