for your little ones


We LOVE using our oils for our children, from tiny tots to big kids! Here's a sampling of our favorite oils for the littles, some amazing products, and field-tested tips & tricks for your little loves. If you're not familiar with using oils for babies and children, review our safety info.  



favorite oils for children

We are ALL about Peace & Calming! This magical blend of oils is perfect for both mamas and children. We love it diffused, either alone or combined with Lavender. It's also nice applied topically, diluted with a carrier for littles, or used in a roller blend. Some of our other favorite oils for children:

  • Lavender
  • White Angelica
  • Frankincense
  • Grounding
  • Valor
  • Tranquil roll-on


just for families



The KidScents oils are a special line for children, though we must admit we like them for ourselves as well! They are ready to go from the bottle, or dilute more if you like

GENEYUS - focus + concentration

OWIE - self explanatory!

TUMMYGIZE - soothes tiny tummies 

SNIFFLEASE - diffuse to ease the sniffles of your little

SLEEPYIZE - more peaceful naps + bedtime


The Seedlings line of products are just for babies, and we are in LOVE. The Calm blend of oils in the Seedlings items contains Lavender, Coriander, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, and Geranium, and it smells SO good. We've come close to duplicating the aroma of the blend, but we just can't quite get there.  


gentle baby

A special shout out to Gentle Baby, a must have for every baby, mama, and mama to be! Use it on your belly while you're pregnant, and for your baby after delivery. Pro-tip: newborn babies can be super sensitive, but this is a great one to put on mom/dad and baby can benefit when being held!

rose ointment

This magical ointment will soothe even the most dry and irritated skin, and is perfect for all ages. Use Rose Ointment alone, or on top of any oil treated areas. 



some tips and tricks

  • Teething soother: Copaiba, diluted and apply to jawline, +/- Lavender. 
  • Immunity Boost: Thieves + Purification diluted and applied nightly to the feet 
  • BEST sleep blend: equal drops Lavender, Cedar, and Peace & Calming, diffused 
  • Meltdown stopper: White Angelica applied to crown, behind ears, wrists 
  • Homework Helper: GeneYus, diffused or applied topically
  • Focus Blend: Lavender, Cedar, Vetiver + Tangerine, diffused or applied topically
  • Growing Legs: 5 drops of Lavender in ½ cup of epsom salt, soak 20 minutes