Dalen Dull


I started using Young Living in July of 2017 thanks to my amazing friends Ellie Coburn and Brooke Lindee. They answered all of my skeptic questions and helped educate me on what it really meant to live a healthier toxic free lifestyle. Sleepless nights with my 1 year old came to an end, my hormonal breakouts cleared up in a matter of days and my goodness, don’t even get me started on panaway- a collegiate athletes best friend! I first started doing the business because as a single mother I wanted to make some extra money for little Aubrey and I, and of course get my ER oils cost paid for, but eventually I found myself educating people on oils on a day to day basis without a second thought. It's so awesome that I can educate others on wellness though alternative products like Young Living from the comfort of my home. Whether it was at work, school, or with my teammates everyone knew I was the go-to oil mom! Now almost a year later, my house is toxin free and full of amazing Young Living products that I trust and love. Making the leap into the nontoxic lifestyle was hands down the best decision I've made for my daughters and I's health and I don’t ever see myself going back.