Sarah Kahn


I hail from the realm of psychotherapy, but decided to follow the beat of my own drum and begin a coaching practice instead. I love going deep and helping people embrace all aspects of who they are (especially the shadow, aka stuff we normally hide away). I am an empath and a mom of a spirited 3 year old who teaches me daily about what’s important in life. She is truly my inspiration for making the big changes in my life.

My passion for wellness and Young Living essential oils is about living a lifestyle that is clear of toxic chemicals. Being allergic to chemicals and perfumes, I am so grateful for the replacements that Young Living offers. While I am obsessed with all of the products (and the simplicity of getting most of my stuff from one place), my primary focus is often on emotional healing. My whole life has been transformed by using these oils... my family is healthier, I can actually clean my house without feeling like my lungs are burning, my mood is improved, my makeup is awesome and helps my skin, and I have tools for those rough mama/toddler days!

Getting into the business end of Young Living was a no brainer- I love helping other people clean up their homes and feel more empowered in with their health. Bonus- all my stuff that I need for the health of my family is now paid for! The thing I love most about the Young Living business is how it is so community based and supportive. The focus on personal growth is my favorite aspect of it! I am so excited to continue on this journey; to support my friends and colleagues in their growth and in finding more personal power and financial freedom!