Abbie Wilson


Hi! I'm Abbie. I've always been passionate about holistic health care - first as someone living with chronic and mental illness and chemical sensitivity, and then most recently as the mother of a vivacious baby girl! Essential oils were introduced to me by friends and as I watched all the different ways they used their oils, I kept wanting to incorporate them into my day-to-day life. I had no idea where to start. Then entered Ellie, who gave me an essential oil crash course - and the rest is history! Family and friends ask what oils I'm using today  and I love helping them with rollers and sprays to support their natural health. The feeling of being able to provide INSTANT relief to my mom with shingles was enough to push me over that cliff  of doubt I'd been teetering on for too long! 

I'm a doula and photographer and I live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, BC. Florence and I love reading books, going for walks, shopping from small businesses, cuddling, and travelling (with lots of Thieves, of course!). My most-used oils are Thieves and Frankincense, and my favourite oil combo to diffuse is Cinnamon Bark, Bergamot, and Stress Away.