for fido too


When we say there's an oil for everything - we mean it. Young Living loves animals, just like you do! The AnimalScents line includes all sorts of essential oil infused products just for your pet:

  • AnimalScents Shampoo

  • AnimalScents Ointment

  • AnimalScents Dental Pet Chews and Cat Treats

  • AnimalScents Oils

    • InfectAway

    • MendWell

    • Puriclean

    • ParaGize

    • T-Away



No, essential oils aren't going to kill your pet! We recommend common sense, and consulting one of the references below or your personal veterinarian if you are wanting to use oils on your pet for a specific purpose. For general home use, it is recommended that an animal be free to leave the room if you have a diffuser running. 



The Animal Desk Reference by Melissa Shelton, DVM

The Animal Desk Reference by Life Science Publishing