from the gym to the pool


fun in the sun

The Mineral Sunscreen Lotion is a light, non-greasy cream that provides broad spectrum coverage with SPF 10. Sounds like not much? A bigger number isn't necessarily better! A little sun is a good thing, and allows our body to make adequate amounts of Vitamin D. Excess sun exposure can cause damage to the skin and increase your risk of skin cancers, as well as accelerating the normal aging process. SPF 10 allows you to stay in the sun for 10x longer than what you would normally burn with. So, if you could normally tolerate 15 minutes, this will get you about 150 minutes of enjoying the outdoors. It's water and sweat resistant, and full of oils that are great for your skin, like Frankincense, Helichrysum and Carrot Seed. For the science nerds out there, YES - it's non-nanzo zinc oxide, and YES, it absorbs well enough that you don't look like a streaky white ghost. Only the best for your family! We definitely recommend staying away from chemical based sunscreens with ingredients like avobenzone oxybenzene, and similar ingredients. 


after sun care 

After enjoying your time outside, cool off with the Lavaderm Cooling Mist or the Lavaderm After-Sun Spray. Both of these include skin soothing oils, and the after-sun version contains a natural menthol, in case you need a little extra cooling relief. 


pre workout

There are a variety of oils, supplements and products that Young Living has crafted with your highest body performance in mind.

Ningxia - try a shot of this superfood antioxidant blend before your workout! 

PowerGize - this is a blend of botanical adaptogens and essential oils to keep you performing at your best and fight off stress. It's best taken daily, and some people like to use just prior to exercise. 

Breathe Again - try rolling this on your chest or back before your next run 


post workout

Rehydrate and replace with AminoWise, a branched chain amino acid supplement. This blend of antioxidants and minerals helps to reduce lactic acid after exercise, preventing muscle fatigue and soreness. With Wolfberry and essential oils of Lemon and Lime, this supplement tastes great with no artificial flavors, sugar, preservatives, or any other junk. Or, use Pure Protein Complete as a recovery drink if you're looking for a healthier protein drink. If you're needing for a dairy free, soy free option (hard to find!) then check out the Slique Shakes. Both of these can be used alone or in a smoothie with other ingredients.

If you're already dealing with some muscle soreness, try some Deep Relief (one of our absolute must haves!) or PanAway. Remember to dilute your hot oils. If you like a ready to go option for larger areas, try the Cool Azul Sports Gel or Pain Cream. Or, relax in a nice bath with a Lavender or Stress Away Bath Bomb!