wash dry fluff and fold


thieves laundry detergent

This isn't just any detergent! It's a plant-based, all natural option with the best smelling essential oil blend added to it. Besides just smelling amazing, Thieves works to help remove stains, making it perfect for families.  


dryer sheets

Did you know...that dryer sheets are probably THE most toxic thing used in your home? We grew up with that Bounce fresh smell too. Didn't most of us?! No judgement - people just don't know how awful these things are, being full of neurotoxins and carcinogens. If you're ready to start detoxing your home, this is a great place to start. 

wool dryer balls

Want a better, safer solution for your family, and our planet? These are amazing for so many reasons. They will help dry your laundry faster, with zero chemicals. One set is reusable for years. If you would like your laundry to smell nice (we get it!) try putting some Lavender or Lemongrass on them, or your other favorites!