Cristina Padilla


Hello my name is Cristina Padilla. I am a happy Mom and an Engineer. I worked for Corporate America a few years until I had my first baby, became a stay-at-home Mom for 7 years; then my littles went off to school and I returned to Corporate America.

I got introduced to YoungLiving products by my dear friend Jessica Baulis. I had been wondering how they could help my family have a more natural, non-toxic home. Jessica helped me understand the many benefits of Essential Oils. I had trouble falling asleep and kept waking up through the night. I was feeling tired in the mornings and zero energy to get up to go to work; I felt as if my mind was restless – maybe with the routine change of being a stay-home-mom for 7 years and now having to balance everything with a full-time job too. I finally decided I needed try Essential Oils and find out if they would help me - and I fell in love with YoungLiving Essential Oils the first night I diffused them and thought to myself – this is crazy, they worked on the first night! I felt refreshed in the morning because I had a good night rest. I regret not trying them sooner!

In my house, not only do we rest well – but also smell amazing – my kids now ask for their “sleep” blend roll-on before going to bed. I always looked for products that are toxic-free for our home, food ingredients that are non-gmo and organically grown, and with YoungLiving we get all that plus much more. I love their big selection, their story, their high quality standards and their innovation and research to always offer their customers the best of the best. I am excited to share YoungLiving with everyone and help them get started on the best wellness program available in the planet!

Hablo Español, si deseas información en Español yo te puedo ayudar.