Danica Ramos


Hi there! I’m a mom of two living in Los Angeles! Both my husband and I work in the hospital and though we do not have direct contact with patients, we are still susceptible to bringing home nasty germs no matter how clean we try to be. Investing in Young Living has been one of the best decisions we have made! It’s really sweet how my husband has his own stash of oils & Thieves Hand Purifier at his office desk & backpack. It’s even more sweet that my son incorporates turning on the diffuser before his bedtime routine. The fact that my entire family is in tune with wellness makes this lifestyle fun and easy.

I started using Young Living in 2016 and when I received my first Premium Starter Kit, I was overwhelmed! There were so many ways to use it and I wanted to keep learning more! I am thankful to be part of a team that supports you and helps you keep learning! Everyday I learn something new!

My all time favorite single oils are peppermint and lavender! Both are so versatile to use and I cannot live without them! My favorite blends will forever be Purification and Thieves! I’m such a germaphobe, so I use these two blends for pretty much everything and anything! Carpet cleaner, stove / oven degreaser, stain remover, etc! My family and I love Young Living not only because of the Seed to Seal guarantee, but also because of the impact that it has made into our lives.