Devon Greenway


I have been married for almost two years and have a very happy eleven month old baby girl. I am a Registered Nurse who specializes in palliative care in the community. My role is to provide comfort care and help facilitate a peaceful dying journey for people who choose to pass away at home. Working in palliative care often makes me wonder why so many people are dying of preventable disease such as cancer and heart disease. Being surrounded by such disease drives me to eliminate toxic chemicals and opt for natural, plant based alternatives.

My love and passion for essential oils began about two years ago when my sister, Jordan had introduced me to Young Living. Jordan’s son was diagnosed with leukemia which was a major shock to our family. I thought that if Jordan was using essential oils to help with her son’s side effects from chemotherapy and help boost his immune system, they must really be powerful. Thieves was the first oil I used and was amazed at the immunity boost it had provided me. I have not been sick in a very long time thanks to this immunity boost!

I finally convinced my husband to purchase me a premium starter kit for my birthday and I have been using essential oils everyday since. Some of my favourite uses for the oils are alleviating my husband’s headaches and heartburn, using oils in my everyday skin care regime to erase sun damage and fight signs of aging, and promoting relaxation and healthy sleep habits.

Lately I have been sharing my love for oils with friends and others as I truly believe everyone has a place in their lives for essential oils. I love that we can use essential oils to promote health and wellness. I believe taking a proactive approach to your health can prevent some of the diseases I see people suffer from during my work.