Elisa Phoedovius


I have always been a lover of all things “nature” and “natural”. I have loved essential oils and making my own products, be they for a first aid kit for a long backpacking or river trip I was leading or a non-toxic critter repellent or some multipurpose ointment that my family expected to receive with the latest lecture on how it would help with what “ailed” them. (And it did help!) 

I have  literally travelled the world with my diffuser and oils and use them to support the wellness of my family, my friends and myself while traveling and have used some of Young Living’s beautiful oil blends as offerings at some of the worlds most sacred sites. 

I love and study Feng Shui and actively utilize essential oils in my Feng Shui practice.

Now, I am on the greatest adventure of my life: being a mom. I see the world with different eyes. My parents are aging, and so am I. I love that I can turn to essential oils for healthy alternatives to support me and my family on this journey.

I love the versatility of essential oils.  Not that I can pick a favorite, I love Lavender. I love how it smells. I love the many ways I can use it. It has been amazing on burns (think: campfire and over done marshmallows). Just a drop right on the owie. It’s fantastic diffused or with a few drops in a spray bottle for a room spray- great when traveling-for hotels and the car. The best: I love it on the bottoms of my feet at night; never slept so good!

I have so many success stories with essential oils, there simply isn’t enough room on the page to share. When my father was in ICU after some major surgery we needed him to wake up so they could assess how he was doing and remove his breathing tube. He was not responsive. I massaged his feet with some ointment I made containing Valor, Lavender and Frankincense. Within a few minutes he began to wake up!  It was incredible calming for  those of us bedside. A few years later we used oils to beautifully support him (and us) in his end of life transition.