Emily Strong


Em was introduced to essential oils by her fellow yogi teacher training sister, Erica, when she was diagnosed with boob cancer. She chose to begin Western treatment and was desperately seeking more natural ways to heal (and to live). With Erica’s nudge, she dove into researching about oils and quickly invested in a starter kit. Chemotherapy was rocking her sleep, mood and digestion. Rubbing lavender under her feet, her sleep improved.  Putting a drop of peppermint in her Topo Chico, her belly felt more calm, and diffusing Thieves at night, her immunity improved. Em was also lit up by Frankincense a.k.a Frank being clinically shown to be a potential effective treatment for boob cancer. So, she put a daily drop under her tongue. With the diagnosis and conventional treatment behind her, Em is committed to kickin’ it using natural, plant based methods to heal and to live.