Erica Benedicto


Erica was first introduced to essential oils by Amanda, a friend and fellow Physician Assistant. As a conventionally trained PA, she was a bit skeptical about these new little bottles of goodness. She was also willing to try anything that would help her father calm his nerves as his 'sundowners' set in due to his Alzheimer's. She diffused Peace and Calming and instantly saw a difference in his manic behavior. Then to keep from getting bugs from work, she began using Thieves as prevention and an early cold symptom buster. As she became more comfortable using in her life, she started taking them to work and easing the stress and high tension of her colleagues, team and eventually her patients. All of these transformations were possible thanks to the suggestion of Amanda and one simple Premium Starter Kit.

The EO's worked as gateway to a more holistic approach to her life and practice and she began to shift her practice from working primarily with patients in underserved communities to working with the healers in these areas. 'Healing with Healers' is her life's calling and she provides them with tools, techniques and tips to make their lives and practice more plant-based, natural and integrative. She loves educating folks about essential oils and helping them ditch all the toxic chemicals and ingredients that have become part of many of our lives. Her favorite oil is still Peace and Calming and it has become the motto for her life.