Jessica Baulis


I am a physician assistant working at M.D Anderson Cancer Center and I am currently obtaining a certification in French Aromatherapy. I am excited to share Young Living essential oils with my friends and family. My husband has always preferred a more holistic way of living and having the background of my profession of being trained in traditional Western medicine, I did not always have the same mentality. I have used other essential oils in the past without much success and my hope for a holistic approach was coming to an end. By a heavenly grace, one of my best friends, Jenna who is also a fellow colleague, introduced me to Young Living knowing I would finally find my answer…..and boy did I!

I fell head over heels for these wonderful gems when I found a natural way to help my husband’s personal journey. With the changes in seasons throughout the year comes mold spores, ragweed, several different pollen, etc that fill the air. My husband has severe reactions to the air quality (to the point where his eyes swell, eyes water, he has to breathe through his mouth… you get the picture). We tried several different prescribed medications but he was not able to tolerate the side effects and they did not work for him. So, I am happy we have found an alternate and natural method with lemon, peppermint and lavender essential oils.

I did a lot of research before making my decision to try Young Living and I am so happy that I did. Young Living sets itself apart by the “Seed to Seal” guarantee. By owning their own farms, harvesting, distilling and packaging their own product, instead of outsourcing, I have the peace of mind knowing that what I receive is exactly what is labeled without perfume enhancers or additives. This is vitally important in obtaining the therapeutic benefits. I was so impressed on the quality and the outcome that I began to use them as an integral part of my daily wellness program. Now, I use them for everything!