Kristi Milch


Kristi has a passion for health, wellness, education and the environment. Her love of health and education led her in getting her Bachelors of Science for Kinesiology and her teacher credential from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA. She studies under her mentor, Ron Rathbun, founder of the Kelee Meditation Foundation. Kristi has the personal ambition and purpose of wanting to promote happiness and mental health to her community. A teacher for 4 years and just learning how to bridge all her education/wellness experiences together. After years of studying exercise, nutrition and mental health...oils evolved into her life and elevated her experiences. She uses YL oils as a natural and unscripted way to promote harmonious feelings, clean the air, set the vibe and do away with chemical cleaners and mass production via concentrated-goodness🍃

My heart is here and I enjoy sharing with others ✨💗🌫 Kristi