Laura Hoff


I moved to California from Pennsylvania back in 2014. It was then that I was introduced to essential oils, having no idea what they even were. I’m very passionate about anything in the health and wellness field, and was very open minded about learning more about oils.

I’ve been a dental hygienist for 12 years now and I’m also a Kundalini Yoga instructor. I absolutely love living so close to the beach! The ocean is my happy place. Other loves of mine: Yoga of course, meditation, fitness, Nelly (my precious cat!), animals, traveling, nature, spiritual retreats, vegan food, salsa dancing, aerial silks, hiking, being around any body of water, laughing with family/friends, writing to my pen-pals, reading, learning something new, and authentic connections.

I had forgotten about oils for awhile until my dear friend, Amelia Wilson, came in to see me for her dental check-up. She always raved about how much oils have helped her, especially with her anxiety when coming in for dental visits. She even introduced me to copaiba oil, which helped relieve her of her jaw pain.

Amelia had introduced me to a continuing education article that was all about essential oils in the dental field. I read this right away and was so inspired by this article that I started experimenting with making mouth rinses that aid in killing bacteria that cause gingivitis, and also is an adjunct in helping with periodontal therapy. I also learned how to make a spray to spray inside my masks I use at work, for a more pleasant visit with my patients

I love to travel and I was getting ready for a trip to India to continue my yoga studies, when I purchased the starter kit. Total game changer! I am forever grateful I bought the kit just in time. Along with the kit, I got the Deep Relief roller, which saved my life on the long plane ride! I have never been on a plane for 19 hours and have trouble sleeping on planes, and deep relief, along with peppermint and lavender exceptionally eased my whole trip and made it stress free. Digize was wonderful in helping when I got cramps while away as well. Oh, and a drop of Thieves in my water helped to fight off any contamination and bacteria.

I’ve also experienced migraines most of my life and usually the only thing that would work to help them is Aleve. Having learned so much what this kind of thing does to the body, I wanted to find an alternative way to alleviate the pain. I think I’m now addicted to peppermint! Putting this on my temples and forehead and resting for a few moments totally does the trick.

I now have a diffuser in my room at work, diffusing lavender to help alleviate any of the patients stress. And bonus - I get to smell it too. Well I could go on and on and on about these oils, but I will stop here. I am so excited to experiment with the mouth rinses, so stay tuned!