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for the work from anywhere folk

Young Living has a way of becoming a lifestyle. The product has a way of finding and connecting likeminded people who together create an incredible community. The business has a way of creating abundant financial opportunity for families and individuals who deserve it most. Young Living careers are almost always born from a deep, authentic passion for the freedom that plant based living with Young Living brings. We don't sell - we share - a lifestyle that has changed our own to anywhere, anytime and we get compensated abundantly to do so. 

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Have it your way

get your oils paid for

If you're looking to share the oily love with a few friends and family members, educate them on grabbing a starter kit, and get them connected to our team resources - you can get paid to do so! This option is perfect for our members who want to grow their oily collection without having to worry about overspending. Thousands of families and individuals around the world share their love for Young Living with those they love most and get a "thank you" compensation check from Young Living each month.

We know that the business isn't for everyone but we do believe that sharing the oils with our immediate circles is easy enough for anyone to do so. We hold your hand, break it down for you, and make it easy to ensure that everyone in your circle who wants oils has them. 

retire from your day job

Young Living's compensation plan allows for financial freedom and residual income unlike any other company in the world. If you're looking to quit your 9-5, regain freedom to travel, freedom to spend time with your children, or freedom to choose how you'll live your life - a career with Young Living may be the perfect fit for you. We train you from anywhere on how to most effectively share Young Living and then hold your hand as you navigate the business side of oils. 

Our community of support and abundant resources is incredible. You'll have access to team exclusive lookbooks, graphics, online class content, education content, and community so that you'll be able to work from anywhere while still feeling connected to a base of support. We work hard and we play hard doing the thing that we love most - educating people on plant based wellness. 


questions and answers

Q. How do I earn money with Young Living?
A. There are two main ways to earn money with Young Living: bonuses and commissions. Bonuses are mainly earned when someone you know also becomes a member. You can qualify for a $50 bonus each time someone gets a premium starter kit membership and uses your member number to identify you as their enroller.

Commissions are earned on the purchases of someone who is in your “group.” “Group” means that they have purchased a membership “under” you or under someone who is under you.

Q. Do I need to spend a lot of money to start earning money with Young Living?
A. No! In fact, just by purchasing a starter kit, you are eligible to receive any qualifying earnings. Also, in order to show Young Living that you are investing in your health and desiring to be a business leader, you need to place a 100PV (like $100 order) each month in order to receive bonuses and commissions. In fact, even for the highest earners with Young Living, placing a 100PV order is all that is needed in order to receive Young Living earnings!

Q. How can I share with people about Young Living?
A. Good question! There are three basic steps to earning income with Young Living:

  1. Fall in love with the products. As you begin to discover the benefits of Young Living products, you will be able to enthusiastically educate others about how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle using the products.

  2. Share, don’t sell. If you’re excited about what you’ve tried with Young Living products, then tell others. There are many ways to do this, including social media, blogs, teaching simple intro classes to groups of 4-6 people at your home or at a coffee shop, having make & take classes where people get to try the oils themselves, etc.

  3. Provide ongoing education. After your friends and family experience the Young Living difference for themselves, keep training them to remove chemicals from their lives and replace them with essential oils, supplements, and products that actually promote wellness. Ongoing education could be as simple as sharing this website with your friend, or having a book club and reading an essential oils book together.

As you go through these steps, train your members to “repeat the process” in order to grow.

Q. I know Young Living is a Multi-Level Marketing company (MLM). Doesn’t that mean that the prices are higher?
A. No… in fact, the business structure that Young Living has chosen means that they can keep their prices lower for all of us.

Every business has a marketing budget. Some companies spend this budget on expensive television commercials and print ads (advertising). Most businesses also spend a lot of money to have their products available in every store (distribution).

Young Living has instead chosen to pay its users to do their marketing. This method has great benefits: everyone would prefer to purchase products recommended by someone they know, instead of just learning about a product in a health food store. Person-to-person selling also allows people to have a more personalized experience with someone who can educate them. This method is also less wasteful, because every product that Young Living sells goes directly to a person who wants it.

Note: So many of our group members never expected to be earning money from Young Living! It’s fun to see how people have been surprised to see that they either earn back money towards products or cash. Many of the top earners in Young Living have the same story.

Q: If I sell do I need to keep product inventory in my home? 
 Nope. Our company is totally unique to most in that we don't require you to invest in product up front or keep product on hand at your home. If you tell friends about it and they love it – then people sign up and create their own account. Everyone does their own ordering and the products are shipped right to their house, not yours. If you want to sell, all you do is buy a starter kit and tell your friends all about how oils are changing your life. It really isn’t complicated and you aren’t taking any risk.


income disclosure statement

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