Marielle King


Hello all, When asked to write this bio for my section of our teams Young Living website I was forced into this reality that I’m growing, we are growing in our beautiful oily chemical free lifestyles and guess what?! You are growing too if you’re reading this! You’re here to see who I am and how I got here. 

I am Marielle King. I am as yellow as a Pieces can get. I was born in Long Beach, raised in Houston, and matured in San Diego, so I am cultured, to say the least. I am a wearer or many hats. I am a daughter of the King of Kings, wife to my babe, Forrest, mother to our two handsome blessings, Benjamin and Lucas, a fiercely determined college student finishing up a Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in English, Language Arts, Reading, and Social Studies and last but most certainly not least a lover of everything and anything Young Living from sharing, learning, to educating, I am your girl. 

One of my very favorite things to do is to learn. That really is the basis of what started my Young Living journey in February 2017. I was desperately researching and looking to find a new way to support my boys asthmatic problems. We had been through a really hard run of a few years in a row surrounding them being sick over and over and over again. We were frequently in the doctors office, at the ER, and even spent two weeks at Rady Children’s Hospital - one of them in the PICU. It took a toll on all of us economically, physically, emotionally, and on our relationship. I dabbled with some grocery store oils and they actually helped, but not in the capacity that I had read about and envisioned. They were just not good enough. I was on the quest for the best of the best for them - just as any other mom would do for their babies. Then that is when I found in Young Living and learned about their Seed to Seal promise and those oils soared beyond what I ever expected. My precious boys have not gone to the hospital this year, they have not had to go to a single sick doctors visit, if they’ve showed any signs of running noses or coughs I’ve been able to support it with essential oils, and my most favorite part is that I do not have to give them ANY more medications!!! They are growing accordingly, happy, and healthy little boys - just as they should be. That is all thanks to Young Living Essential Oils.