all of our favorites


carrier oils

Organic fractionated coconut oil (preferred carrier choice) 

Organic sweet almond oil (preferred carrier choice)

Organic jojoba oil (often used in combination with other carrier oils)  

Organic grapeseed oil (note - grapeseed is a polyunsaturated oil, and will oxidize more easily than other oils. Buy small quantities and use faster if you prefer this carrier) 

Organic argan oil (excellent facial carrier) 

Organic rosehip oil (excellent facial carrier) 

Young Living's V-6 carrier oil is a blend of coconut, sesame, grapeseed, almond, wheat germ, sunflower and olive oil.


roller bottles

10ml cobalt rollers (stainless steel top)

10ml amber rollers (stainless steel top)

5ml clear glass rollers (stainless steel top)

10ml glass rollers with crystals (gemstone tops!)


bulk ingredients

organic cocoa butter

organic beeswax

organic shea butter

organic mango butter 

castile soap

epsom salt (note - more expensive online because of shipping...Costco has the best prices!)

bentonite clay

arrowroot powder

*We also LOVE Mountain Rose Herbs for bulk ingredients and containers! We just know Amazon is quick and easy for most of you, and we get that:) 


glass spray bottles

16oz glass spray bottles (good for cleaning)

8oz glass spray bottles (good for cleaning, hair products)

4oz glass spray bottles (good for linen sprays, room sprays)

2oz glass spray bottles (good for travel or specialty use)

1oz glass spray bottles (good for travel) 


misc containers

lip balm tubes

metal tins (good for lip balms, salves and creams)