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abundance and joy and lavender lip balm

5ml Abundance (Who doesn’t want more Abundance in their life? Abundance amplifies the true power of synergy. Together all of its component oils are magnified in vibration, creating the law of attraction and the energy and frequency of prosperity and plentitude. If you desire more Abundance in your life, in your finances, practice this daily affirmation with this oil. This blend contains Frankincense, Patchouli, Clove, Ginger, Myrrh, Cinnamon Bark, and Spruce

5ml Joy (ER exclusive): is also yours, IF you’re on ER. This oil is a powerhouse when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or if you have a pre-teen / teen going through some big emotions linked to hormonal changes. This one we love to diffuse to literally change the emotional atmosphere in the room. It is known as an oil that helps connect mind/body/ and soul and can pull us out of grief . It is a big heart opening oil and often the holidays can stir up a lot of emotions for people. Babies, toddlers and newborns crave this oil. It's perfect for those big emotions that they can't verbalized and is a beautiful bonding oil. Nursing mamas love to run a couple drop on their nursing bras or applied to baby blankets for comfort. Great for mama's hormones too!

Lavender Lip Balm (ER exclusive): is also yours, IF you’re on ER The Lavender Lip Balm is SO much MORE than just lip balm. Yes, will it soothe the skin on your lips, but it can be used for more! Dry or cracked skin on your fingers because of the colder weather? Rub some lavender lip balm on it! Owies on the kiddos? Rub some lavender lip balm on it! Need a SMALL and easy to travel with Diaper area ointment - use that lavender lip balm, BUT make sure you label it!! LOL.


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5ml Thieves! This blend might be Young Living's most well known blend. One of our oils from the starter kit, you can’t have enough Thieves if you ask me. Thieves is so awesome we have an entire plant based cleaning line all made with Thieves. So clean all the things with Thieves because nobody likes funk in their lives!! De-funk with some Thieves friends. Thieves is also a vitality so let's get real - this is the immune system power house. A couple drops in your tea or in a capsule and your immune system will be working like a powerhouse. We love to diffuse it too for purifying the air. It smells like Christmas to me, add some peppermint or orange and you will have your family asking what amazing aroma that is! Here is the truth - friends don't let friends live without Thieves. We keep a back stock of about 3-4 bottles at all times. Rookie move to ever be without Thieves.


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Hope: This blend contains Melissa, Juniper, Myrrh, and Spruce. This blend helps you connect with a feeling of strength and grounding, restoring Hope for tomorrow.

Hope is essential for moving forward in life. Hopelessness can cause loss of vision, goals, and dreams. This blend will help you to reconnect with a feeling of strength and grounding, restoring hope for tomorrow. The blend contains Melissa, Juniper, Myrrh, and Spruce. It is also linked with the emotion of “blindness”- when we close our eyes to things and ignore them as well as lack of respect. Who could use some Hope this month and everyday? Here is a challenge for you - when you get your Hope oil this month, place a drop on the center of your forehead daily and repeat a positive affirmation to yourself. See what starts to happen!!!