Rebecca Sketchley


I was introduced to Young Living when I separated from my husband and moved back to my hometown with my children. This time of extreme transition was also a beautiful transformation. I wanted to regain power in my life, to be healthier physically and mentally, to role model health to my children; in a nutshell, to get my whole home healthier. I didn’t know how to achieve this until I was introduced to Young Living.

Young living products and essential oils empower me to better care for my emotional and physical self; for the health of my family too. They have even given me the inspiration to begin new-found creative endeavours. I make everything in my bathroom cabinet from dry shampoo to face serum to lip balm, all infused with Young Living essential oils. Young Living allows me to affordably live a less-toxic lifestyle. I used to think wellness was expensive. I now spend my money on natural products that keep me (and my children) healthy rather than medications after we become sick. It’s fantastic to be proactive with our lives. I understood the health benefits of embracing natural products but never expected the empowerment Young Living would bring to my life. No matter the situation, I have a remedy at my fingertips. I am grateful to be on this oily journey.