your love of oils


the young living business model

The Young Living business plan is totally unique to any other company I’ve ever been a part of. At creation, Young Living’s owner and founder Gary Young decided that the essential oil based lifestyle that he’d spent his life living was lived to its highest potential in the community and support of others. Knowing full well that he himself couldn’t commune around the table of the millions of homes that he hoped and prayed that his essential oils would one day end up in, he decided that the best path forward was to educate and empower others to spread the lifestyle.

Young Living’s business plan is intentional and it goes so, so far beyond the “multi-level marketing” plan that many may see at the surface. At its core, it’s a plan for every single person with a Young Living account to feel like they have direct connection and support with a real, actual human that can help them use and love their oils. I believe that if you love your oils that you too can share the lifestyle with others without being a full time Young Living businessperson.

At Essentially Be Well we believe that it is most in line with Young Living’s truly intended business model to teach people how to share oils with their friends and family rather than attempting to take their sales or give someone else’s connection our promotional link. We want to teach people who enroll with our team how to best navigate Young Living because we believe that teaching people how to get a good deal is always a good idea.


believing in the lifestyle

If you're reading this you've likely expressed to us a belief in the Young Living products and lifestyle. Perhaps you’ve had a WOW moment with the products or maybe your wow has been in the everyday freedom of getting to live with plant-based products at your disposal in place of previously chemical-filled alternatives. If you believe in the lifestyle – you’re in the right place. We don’t recommend that people who have yet to fall head over heels with their oils + EO based products share Young Living. We do recommend that anyone who has fallen in love with their oils and decided that they want their BFF to get in on them too read on. At the core of Young Living’s business model and mission is the belief that truly therapeutic grade, plant based products belong in every home in the world. If you believe that a plant-based lifestyle works and that a chemical-laden lifestyle isn’t ideal – it should become a core value to share this belief and the subsequent facts behind it to as many listening ears as possible. The way our team sees it – if you believe in something amazing it should be easy to tell the people you love about it!


sharing vs selling


We can’t tell you how many times we told our enrollers that we didn’t want to share Young Living oils because we didn’t want to seem salesy. Looking back on how careful we were not to offend anyone we have to laugh at how we used to use the oils like secret ninjas because we didn’t want to rub anyone the wrong way. We used the oils like part of an underground trade because we were so afraid of being one of those crazy multi-level marketing girls. Finally after years of using and loving Young Living it was way too hard to hide our lifestyle from people. Eventually, we always smelled like oils, our entire homes were completely plant based with Young Living products, and there were always boxes on our front porch with new oily goodies. It was beginning to be weird NOT sharing about the lifestyle, so eventually we told close friends and family what we were up to and surprise, surprise they wanted in. We didn’t have to sell anything at all – we just shared what we were doing and naturally people in our immediate circle saw that we had discovered a better way of living and wanted to join.

To date, we don’t feel like we're selling anything because we so wholeheartedly believe in educating people about the Young Living lifestyle + sharing a better way to health and wellness. That said, you never have to host a class, label yourself a Young Living business member, or even “do the business” to share with your friends and family information about a better way to health and wellness through Young Living. If you want to dive into the business – great! We’ll hold your hand. If you don’t – great! Don’t keep the oils from your mama or best friend though! Let’s hook them up with a better way too!


thanks from young living

Young Living offers $50 to anyone who refers someone new to Young Living. Wait, WHAT? Yes – you read that correctly. If a friend, family member, neighbor, or anyone in between uses your referral link to buy their Young Living starter kit – you get a $50 check in the mail. There are a lot of other more intricate ways that Young Living pays people to share their products but this is by far the easiest and most straightforward. The best part is that every single person is automatically given a referral link at sign up, and all you have to do is share the link and make sure it’s used at checkout to get your $50.

Young Living offers this option because $50 is the minimum spend to sign up for our amazing monthly program. Every person should be able to be on the monthly program no matter their financial situation. Share the oils with one friend a month, grow your collection month to month and break even on the required cost of the program. The more people you share the oily love with, the more oils you can stock up on! Don’t worry, the check can be used for anything – not exclusively Young Living products. It’s regular ol’ money so feel free to deposit it and use it however you want. 


is multilevel marketing a scam

Everybody knows somebody and everybody knows somebody who knows somebody. I didn’t create the Young Living business model and sometimes I still can’t wrap my head around how a company can be so financially generous to those who share their products but the reality is that everybody knowing somebody works to your advantage with this company!! If you share the oils with your cousin in another state chances are that she’s going to love them and share them with her best friend and her best friend might end up sharing them with her mom – and so on and so forth. You get the picture. What you need to know is that once you enroll a single person you will forever get a % of every single purchase made on everyone in your “downline", however they ended up there.

This business model is called multilevel marketing and I would agree with you wholeheartedly that in almost all cases there’s a “catch” with businesses like this. I have seen so many people go broke buying into multilevel marketing companies and it breaks my heart to know that a company that I love so much has been grouped together with all of the other sham companies who bring such a terrible name to multilevel marketing. So why is Young Living different?

  • You don’t buy into anything. If you’re buying the oils as a consumer and you share your link with your cousin you are going to get a check in the mail the following month paying you your $50 whether you expect it or not. You don’t have to do anything except have your own purchase on your account.

  • If someone uses your link - you get paid. Period. Unlike other companies who require you to buy thousands of dollars in product, require you to make a certain quota of sales with mentalities like “you must sell x amount of dollars in merchandise per month or else…”, or require you to send in to request your money – Young Living just sends you your check. (Note - commissions less than $25 are paid as account credits, and commissions over $25 are paid in either a mailed check or free direct deposit.)

  • You can help ONE person enroll in your entire time with Young Living and there will be no penalty. Nobody is going to be pressuring you to enroll more people. Nothing happens to your account if you enroll someone one month and don’t enroll again.

  • There’s no binding monthly program that you can’t get out of. If you ever sign up with a company that tells you that their monthly program is binding (i.e. that you can’t break “contract” for 12/18/24 months) RUN – do not enroll. Chances are that’s a multilevel marketing scam. Young Living’s monthly program is incredible and gives SO many perks like a percent back on purchases (10% for months 1-3, 20% on months 3-24, and 25% on months 25+), discounted shipping, extra promos and more. We don’t care if you sign up for our program one month and stop the next and we don’t bind you to any weird contracts.

  • Young Living has been in business for over 20 years. Most MLM companies are very young companies and they are scams because they don’t have money in the bank unless their distributors make it. They often don’t have savings or a backup plan (cue locking their clients into contracts) and they can’t afford to properly pay their distributors because their distributor to consumer ratio is too skewed. Over 90% of Young Living members are only consumers. What does this mean? It means that Young Living has over 90% of its profits to properly share with their distributors and only a very small percent of people sell the product.

  • Following up with that, when a company has a healthy consumer to distributor ratio, you know that the product actually works. All companies are required to publicly post their consumer/distributor ratio publicly and if you look up some other commonly known MLMs they have as high as 85% of product users acting as distributors. This is a scam. If people can’t find value in a product unless they are selling it – run the other way. With Young Living you’ll always find a dozen people loving their product to the one person selling it. That’s always a good sign.

Taking in all of these points – it’s important that you know that Young Living is a multilevel marketing company but it is NOT a “pyramid scheme”. Pyramid schemes are illegal and involve no actual product. The business model of Young Living was set up as such because it allowed people an incentive to learn together and to share with those closest to them and get their oils paid for.


getting your oils paid for

Plant based living is an easy decision to make. Making room for plant-based alternatives in your budget is well worth the short and long term benefits of a chemical free, non-toxic lifestyle. That said, getting a little extra money from the company that you buy your plant-based products from is for real the best thing ever. If you knew that you could get $50 cash if your friend used your code to spend $160 at Target – would you give them your code? Would you shout your code from the rooftops? Would you quickly develop a shopping problem? I think it’s safe to assume that you just answered a hard yes to all three of those questions. What if as soon as that person used your code one time you got 8% cash money of whatever that person bought at Target forevermore? That’s Young Living. The business model is insanely simple. Young Living spends little to no money on advertising. They have funneled their profits back into their product and created a base of people that advertises their product for them – that’s how they have the money to thank you every time you enroll a friend. Getting your oils paid for is as easy as sharing the oils with a friend or two a month and it turns into cash that you can turn around and use on plant based products. For every single person who is worried about the cost of Young Living – this is your path to budgeting all the oils you could ever want.


your referral link

Log in to your YL account, then go to “Member Resources”, and then click “Linkbuilder” to copy and paste your personalized sign up link. We recommend leaving this on “member”, just like when you got your kit! Save your referral link to your phone notes or computer and share with anyone looking to get started with Young Living. 


income disclosure statement

As with all credible companies, Young Living requires that any time that we as distributors talk about anything relating to the business side of Young Living we post the income disclosure statement. What you’re looking at is a chart of all of the Young Living ranks and the average payout for each rank. You can truly take this as far as you want to! Share with a friend or two or turn this into a business – the choice is yours and we’ll help you navigate whatever you decide. Tip about the following chart: remember that MOST Young Living members are product users and not involved in the business side, and having 94% of members ranking as "Distributors" is a good thing, not a bad thing!