Tabitha Cronin


I have a passion for teaching, traveling, nature, art, and holistic health. I recently took matters into my own hands to live a more toxic free lifestyle. Using Young Living has been a positive step in reaching those goals, and in finding products that work best for my sensitive skin. 

A friend introduced me to essential oils to avoid harmful chemicals in my home and in my beauty regimen. I had been struggling with skin irritations for years! Since that day of enlightenment, I started to switch all of my beauty and wellness products to Young Living. (Yes, including my deodorant!) I vowed only to use plant based products on my skin after seeing what harmful ingredients are used in a lot of my skincare, hair, and makeup! I have noticed dramatic results in my skin complexity, energy, mood, and general well being. Not to mention the other benefits of essential oils, like calming the senses, deepening my meditation practice, sleep benefits, and a variety of great smelling scents for my space! 

I feel confident in supporting a company like Young Living, to help meet all my health, wellness, and good vibe goals. :) Please let me help to find the Young Living products that work for you and your family!