A Birth Story: Poppy Leigh

Poppy's birth was really different than my first baby! Even though they were both natural, unmedicated births, and both water births, the experiences were just so incredibly different. With my first baby I did The Bradley Method, and had a great experience, but wanted to try Hypnobabies this time.

With Poppy, I had prodromal labor for weeks before she was born. Every night I would start having contractions that were sometimes pretty uncomfortable. They woke me up from sleeping several times over about 3 weeks. The first and second night, I thought she was ready to meet us. After that, admittedly I started just dismissing them. It was confusing to me because she was in a good position, and towards the end of my pregnancy I was definitely hydrated and rested, but every night it still kept happening. 

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Fall and Slowing Down

Simultaneously - I can't wait for fall, AND, I don't want summer to ever end! I love this time of year. The slow mornings, beach days, long nights, and backyard harvesting have been so fun. For us this year - fall means welcoming this new baby, which is going to mean seriously slowing down. I'm not always good at this and it's hard for me.

baby update

We made it to 37 weeks. Almost there! I don't know that anyone is ever "really" ready to have a baby, but we've been working hard to get close. Everything big is done, and that feels good. This second time around, we are deep into a minimalism journey, and prepping for baby was pretty simple.

With my first, I seriously overbought on the baby stuff. Way too many clothes, blankets, pretty much everything. We had a super nice crib with an organic mattress, that has never actually been used for sleeping. It's currently disassembled and under the guest bed. While I'm open to using it if we have a need, we ended up being a crunchy family of co-sleepers and it just didn't work out. In reality, babies need very little. So this time around, we skipped the swings and rockers and all the gadgets. I splurged on a Plum and Sparrow baby basket for fun. I swapped out some of our synthetic all-in-one cloth diapers for some super cute new ones

Fall Things to do

If we get time before baby, here's what we're working on!

  • Making Elderberry Syrup...I still need to do this! I have a tiny bit leftover, but definitely need to stock up. I swear by this stuff for staying well in the fall/winter seasons, which we really need this year with our new baby.
  • Replanting the garden. Time to take out the summer plants and put some fall stuff in. I am so happy to live somewhere we can garden year round! It's been so nice this summer to have a constant supply of tomatoes, all sorts of peppers and herbs. The watermelon and pumpkin haven't done so well, but I think that's because of the dog eating them!
  • Austin is working on building some stuff for Zula. A shelf for all of her toys. A platform bed. Maybe some other things. Fun stuff:) 

Mostly - we are just enjoying this sweet time before baby. Soaking up all the slow family time. Enjoying the cooler evenings. Hope you're having a beautiful time with the seasonal transition! 

Cloth Diapers!

35-36 weeks now! This time has flown by so fast. We're in the final stretch of getting ready for this new little love that is coming soon. In hindsight...traveling for 2 months this summer and then renovating a bathroom was probably not the smartest decision right before having baby #2. Whatever:) We had a lot of fun and I wouldn't take back the experiences, but it's definitely been a lot of work!

My favorite parts of getting ready for baby are the cloth diapers and the baby carriers. Can't.get.enough! Disclaimer: I am not a cloth diaper expert, and certainly don't know everything...but I'll tell you what I do know and hopefully make things simple for you. 

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Pumpkin Pie Spice

YES - I'm one of "those people"...it's never too early for PUMPKIN EVERYTHING. Especially here in San Diego right now, where it's been unusually cool for a little while. I love fall, and I'm soaking all of it up! I know there are still some heat waves left before it's really fall.

Today I was making granola for Zula and she requested Pumpkin Spice Granola. Hard to argue with that! Making your own pumpkin pie spice blend is super easy. There are lots of different variations, here is how I make mine: 

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Fermented Chiles

Spoiled in San Diego, our little garden is producing a ton of great veggies! After spending 8 years in Arizona and having mediocre success despite a lot of effort growing some of our own stuff, I'm still just amazed every season here. Not only do we have the ability to grow something year round, but it's just so EASY. Which resulted in having an abundance of serranos and Fresno chiles. Yum!! I'm using them everyday in guacamole, black beans, tacos, everything! But I still had way too many and didn't want to waste them. I stumbled upon this recipe from Mommypotamus and replaced the jalapeños with Fresnos in the first batch, and a combo of serranos and Fresnos in the next. We didn't waste a single chile and Austin is loving putting these on nearly everything. 

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